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We're giving away free car stickers to webmasters, bloggers and website junkies who place one of our links on their websites. If you post on forums, you can get a free sticker by having our link in your sig tag too. You don't pay any shipping or handling, no fee's no costs, just add one of the links below to your web page and fill out the request form, choose your sticker and the color and submit it! Your site doesn't need to be car or mazda oriented, any web site will do!

If you want to link to us and not get a free sticker, that is fine too, but we would love to send you one for linking to

Step 1. Select Link

From the list of the links below simply copy the html line of code and paste it onto your website. If you would like to do a custom link you may also do so. After you have placed the link on your site jump to the next step.

<a href="">Mazda Stickers - RX-7 - RX-8</a>
Example Link: Mazda Stickers - RX-7 - RX-8

<a href="">Rotary Decals - Mazda Stickers</a>
Example Link: Rotary Decals - Mazda Stickers">

<a href="">Stickers for Rotary Cars - RX-8 Stickers</a>
Example Link:
Stickers for Rotary Cars - RX-8 Stickers

<a href="">Mazda Stickers</a>
Example Link: Mazda Stickers

<a href="">RX-7 Car Decals - RX-7 Stickers</a>
Example Link: RX-7 Car Decals - RX-7 Stickers

<a href="">RX-8 Car Decals, Vinyl RX-8 Stickers</a>
Example Link: RX-8 Car Decals, Vinyl RX-8 Stickers

<a href="">Mazda Decals >> RX-7, RX-8, Rotary Engines</a>
Example Link: Mazda Decals >> RX-7, RX-8, Rotary Engines

<a href="">RX-8 Vinyl Decals</a>
Example Link: RX-8 Vinyl Decals

<a href="">Car Decals - Racing Stickers&alt;/a>
Example Link: Car Decals - Racing Stickers

<a href="">Rotary Decals</a>
Example Link: Rotary Decals

<a href="">Mazda RX-8 Decals</a>
Example Link: Mazda RX-8 Decals

Step 2. Pick a Sticker
After you've added one of our links to your website from Step 1 you are ready to pick your free car decal sticker. Choose from any sticker, any color, just complete the next step.

Step 3. Fill Out Request Form
You must have added one of our links to your website before filling out this form. In the Website field put the URL or website address of where the link is located. Those submitting without applying the link first will not receive their sticker. Thank you in advanced for following these steps before submitting.

Address: (Line 2)
City: State: Zipcode:
Province: (Outside of USA ONLY!)
Enter Email Address:

Website Where Link is Located:

Put your sticker choice here, with color and any additional notes.:



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